The iPhone vs Blackberry Bold

iphoneI really needed to get a new phone.  My dinosaur Samsung was no longer serving its purpose since I’ve been gaining more social media clients and I needed to access various social media portals at all times.

So, I said goodbye to Sprint and headed over to the AT&T store since I knew I either wanted an Apple 3G iPhone or a Blackberry Bold.

I ended up buying the iPhone 3G (8 Gig) mostly due to price. It was $199 versus the Blackberry Bold $399 after 2 year contract.

Even though I love my iPhone and enjoy all the apps, I must say the Blackberry Bold is pretty amazing. Unlike the iPhone (pre 3.0 software release) it can cut and paste and you can use programs such as PowerPoint and Excel right on the handset. The Bold’s camera is nicer in that it has zoom and flash. And, its GPS navigation is voice guided, unlike the iPhone’s.blackberrybold

Also, a huge differentiator is that iPhone’s automatic e-mail retrieval is a minimum of 15 minutes. You do have the option of setting the iPhone’s retrieval to manual  but if your job is one where you have to get back to people ASAP, this might be an issue.

Again, the main reason I chose iPhone was the pricepoint (and that I’m not using programs such as PowerPoint  right now) but the Blackberry Bold is definitely a robust and powerful phone. Another smart phone to consider this summer will be the Palm Pre. It is said to be able to read flash and be very user friendly with social portals such as Facebook and Twitter.


My next blog post will be a review of the Flip Mino HD, a camcorder I just purchased for vlogging. I will discuss pricepoint, pros and cons and give video examples.  Stay tuned!

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  1. As for the iPhone’s email, most people use POP but the much better option is IMAP. I switched about a year ago and its the best choice ever.

    POP is older technology and as such each email has to be downloaded, cached, retrieved, etc. If you have a laptop, desktop and a phone, it is not the best.

    IMAP has all messages on the server, and a cached version on all your devices. So whenever you send or get mail its instantaneous. You are looking at your emails on the server directly. In fact if you delete an email on your phone and have your desktop or laptop email program open, you’ll see it disappear in a few seconds. Very cool.

    All major mail programs support IMAP and if you want mail instantly, switch to IMAP. In case you are worried about having all your email on a server, all your devices will typically cache a local copy anyway.

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