Your MySpace Page Doesn’t Have to Be So Heinous

As a social media ghostwriter, I have many clients who want their business to be on MySpace (along with Facebook and Twitter) but feel that MySpace is ugly.  Well, they are right, MySpace standard templates are somewhat cluttered and not very attractive. But, with the right tools, your MySpace page doesn’t have to be so heinous.

Now, I know that MySpace templates/backgrounds are an industry in itself but I’m not talking about backgrounds with sparkling unicorns.  There are code generating sites that are user-friendly for non-coders and allow you to adjust background colors, text and layout very easily.

An example of one of these sites is By navigating past some of its annoying ads and sticking to the left hand menu, you’ll be able to locate the section you need and find the coding generators to be self explanatory (see example below).


And remember, just because you don’t use MySpace, there are still millions that do and may need your services.

Sarah Wallace is a research analyst, blogger and podcaster. To learn more about her, click on the tabs above.



One Response

  1. MySpace has a lot of potential. I know its cool for people to say these days “I deleted my MySpace profile!” but don’t. Facebook is cool this year and MySpace is not, but that could switch in a years time. And MySpace is not sitting around watching Twitter and Facebook grab the glory, I am sure they are working on new stuff, they just got rid of their senior management team, so I am sure new people and ideas are coming.

    And yes, there are many ways to spiff up a MySpace profile!

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