If you could rename Social Media, what would it be?

Call me a hypocrite, I work in social media and I’m sick of the term. Day in and out I’m inundated with it, whether it be in my Twitter stream, while I’m trying to read business articles, or when I’m working with a client.

And, along the way I’ve found my use of social media to be changing. For example, I still use Twitter to connect with friends and business associates but lately I’ve also used it as an immediate news source. So, as our use of these social portals change, should the term?

If you were to rename the term social media, what would it be? Maybe “immediate communication” or “instant gratification.” Would love to hear your ideas.

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12 Responses

  1. I am a big fan of participatory media. I think that nails the whole jam best.

  2. I also like to use the word “lateral” with regard to “social media,” but I don’t think it fits here.

  3. Hey I found a really good social network, http://www.aroundtheway.com that has many features like a virtual dressing room, 4 way video chat , blogs, videos, radio station that you can upload your own music..

  4. I think one of the only other terms that really works with it is “participatory media.” But even that does not encompass it. “Citizen media” implies something different, and “two-way media” just doesn’t cut it. It’s difficult to tell.

    I’m going to be teaching a course at ME College of Art in the fall that I’ve had to call “Citizen Journalism” for a lack of a better name. I intend to have a discussion at some point about what the term really means and if there are any better terms for it. Maybe we’ll come up with something good.

    The problem is, it’s just “media,” no matter how it’s being produced, or by whom.

  5. Virtually all media is now social. “New media” is the term that has worked best for me. It is general but it is also simple and allows people to classify it in a way that is easy to understand. After all, it is all just media and this stuff just happens to be new. rg

  6. Digital Babel 🙂

  7. I too like New Media. Social Media has lost its meaning, its way too broad with too many services and too many experts in the mix. It’s a buzzword and band wagon that everyone is jumping on, so the message gets more clouded. That’s why so many people “don’t get it”.

    It’s basically like the phrase “Web 2.0” of 2009…and like that phrase..one day will be hopelessly dated. Everything became Web 2.0 until nothing actually was Web 2.0.

    Wait..what if we named it…Web 3.0? 🙂

  8. Take 2 : Reciprocal Media

  9. I’d like to call it “I AM” I mean it worked for God when Moses asked him, as the burning bush, who he was.. not only that but I think it could strike at the hart of certain questions relative to identity, authenticity, transparency, and the personal brand.

  10. I’d agree. I tend to call it “New Media” most times. but it’s not really all that “New” either. Just old stuff, repackaged.

  11. Media? Social represents nothing new…it’s just another set of tools in a larger marketing/communications platform.

  12. […] I think I may have answered the question to my previous blog post “If You Could Rename Social Media, What Would It Be?” Note to self… “Sharing […]

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