Sarah Wallace Sponsors Twestival 207

I am proud to announce that I will be aTwestival-207 sponsor of the upcoming Twestival 207.

Twestivals are events where Twitter communities come together to raise money for a local organization or charity. Proceeds of Twestival 207 benefit the Maine Aids Alliance.

I’m dedicating this sponsorship to my dear family friend Bill Parker. He was a talented and prominent musician who lived in New York City and lost his battle to Aids in 1992. He was known for his contribution to the Aids Quilt and Aids Quilt Songbook. He grew up beside my mother in our small town in Pennsylvania. Even though I was in late highschool. I remember him coming to visit in 1991 and explaining to my mother “I may not see you again Nancy… because I am sick.”

With issues like healthcare, education and Swine flu in the forefront, it is important that we not forget other issues such as Aids awareness. Hope to see you all this Sunday!

Twestival 207 will be held at Portland’s Space Gallery Sunday, September 13th from 5-8 pm. Admission is $10 and includes food and drinks. You may learn more about Twestival 07 at

Sarah Wallace is a research analyst, blogger and podcaster. To learn more about her, click on the tabs above.



4 Responses

  1. I too have lost friends. Thanks for writing this!

  2. Sarah,

    So many thanks for sharing your story, and helping to remember Bill by offering your support to the event and the Maine AIDS Alliance. We are really honored to have you participating in @Twestival207, and to be on the receiving end of your shared experience. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, and thank you so much.

    Take good care,
    @Twestival207 staff

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