The Status of Twitter Lists

twitter-logoToday a friend tweeted to another friend that he was tired of hearing about Twitter lists and wanted to use them. His sentiment is like mine and many others, in wondering, what the hell is going on with these Twitter lists?

The idea of Twitter’s list feature is to allow people to curate their own lists of people they like to follow. Whether it be their favorite celebs, industry contacts, funny people etc. Lists would be public by default or could be made private. Other Twitter users could also subscribe to them.

So to follow up on the status of this feature I went to Twitter’s blog and found the company’s latest mention of the Twitter lists was September 30th. The post titled “Soon to Launch: Lists” states that the feature will be in limited testing and will be launched for all accounts soon.

In the meantime, Mashable has been updating its blog covering Twitter lists and assuring us that they are live but only for a small number of users (see Twitter Lists are Alive [Updated]). Mashable, in a roundabout way of breaking Twitter’s rule, does point out that those who have been given the privilege of using the lists feature have been asked NOT to tweet about it.

I then found this article posted by the New York Times Technology section from just yesterday (September, 21st) titled “Twitter Chief Talks Lists, Traffic and Revenue” which interviews Twitter co-founder Evan Williams who states that currently Twitter lists are only offered to a few thousand users and will be available to everyone the end of October.

So according to Williams, we’ll all be making our lists and checking them twice by month’s end.

As of 8:21 pm EST, @mashable tweeted that Twitter is now expanding the new lists feature to 5% of users. Are you one of the 5%?
“The suspense is terrible, I hope it’ll last…” – Willy Wonka

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