Is Social Media Like the Baby Einstein Scam?

babyeinsteinlogoIf you haven’t heard, Disney’s ever so popular Baby Einsten childrens videos are being sued by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood saying the videos make false claims about making your child a genius when, in reality, they may be decreasing attention span. It’s being labeled as the “Baby Einstein Scam.” Is this what we’ll be saying about Social Media in five years, that it was all a scam?

First of all, I will say that my daughter was born in ’03 and we had quite the collection of Baby Einstein DVDs.  Did I have her sit catatonically in front of these? No. Did I have her watch them occasionally while I made dinner? Yes.  And, if she did watch these movies, I would usually watch with her and we’d talk about the images we were seeing. I did not think these DVDs were making my daughter a genius but, in hindsight, Baby Einstein marketing them as a genius making tool, perhaps not the best approach.

So right now everyone, and me included, is claiming that Social Media is the must-need tool and everyone’s doing it. It’s the “genius maker” of the business world, if you will. Will all this hype and popularity lead to Social Media’s downfall?

In my opinion, in five years, the term may run its course but not some of its tools. We’ll probably just be referring to Social Media as just plain media and marketing again and there will be no need for the Social Media tag. Will we call it a scam? No. Will we definitely recognize that some portals and analytic programs worked better than others? Yes.

I am prolific user of Twitter and have had most of my client inquiries through that particular portal. So, as a living proof that you can grow your business through Social Media, I cannot ever say it was a scam. I will be able to say what methods worked best for me. Besides, isn’t that what happens with  trends, we all have our different experiences with it? For example, I’m sure there are some who really enjoyed their laser disc collection in the mid-90s…

Sarah Wallace is a research analyst, blogger and podcaster. To learn more about her, click on the tabs above.



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