Link to Contact Twitter for Technical Support


This blog post is not meant to inspire or motivate, only to save time.

I recently had technical problems with Twitter and for some reason it was hard for me to find the form to request technical support. I eventually had to use Google to find the link.

So, I’m posting the link in hopes of saving someone else the 10 minutes it took me to find it. Hope this helps!

Contact Twitter for technical support

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31 Responses

  1. I have been unable to follow for well over 6 months now, having reached my 2000 follow limit. I have over 600 followers now and do not understand why twitter continues to impose this wall. I have not been able to find a direct contact email address for customer support at twitter. Can you direct me?
    Thank You

  2. Thank you, the link Twitter Support link is very helpful 🙂

  3. Your suggested link now comes up with a “Forbidden” response.

  4. Thank you sooo much… Really saved me some time! Last time I had to search ages to find it & didn’t save the link:)

  5. Why does Twitter make it so difficult for its members to contact them? This link now comes up with a forbidden link. The name Twitter sounds friendly but the decided lack of customer support is anything but. Thanks for trying to help the rest of the Twitter world resolve issues I will keep searching for solutions but am almost tempted to quit Twitter it always concerns me when companies are not user friendly and open to help those with problems accessing their product. Thanks again for letting me vent. Cheers,

  6. my account have been suspened after just 2 days of using twitter and only posted for work and thats all so dont understand why. iv contacted twitter about 5 days ago and still no reply.




    thank you for your time and assistance.



  8. This link is very helpful, but as soon as the page comes, it disappears and a new page appears which contains existing problems. I want to ask a confusing question that I’ve been dealing with for 2 days.

  9. Excellent article. I definitely love this website.
    Stick with it!

  10. My account has been suspended and I’m really clueless on how to go about it. Kindly put me through.

  11. Im logged into twitter on my ipad app, but i want to log into twitter on my laptop, but i have forgotten what my password is, as i made twitter a long time ago, i cannot remember what email i used. Help?!!!!

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  13. My account @GonzagaMugabi hasbeen suspended for the past 8 days and up to now yet i already contacted twitter

  14. I cant follow more because of the follow limit yet stats are following 1897, follower 2154


  15. I cant follow more because of the follow limit yet stats are following 1897, follower 2154

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  18. This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Cheers! Exactly where are your contact
    details though?

  19. I cant log into my accound it keeps saying to generate a temp password from twitter but icant log in because i need to verify log in ..plss help

  20. Im having a problem with my twitter acct ! Its saying i am unauthorized because i didnt verify my email. Because i kinda sorta used a fake one because my real email was already being used with my old twitter acct ! Is it anything i can do because i really want my acct

  21. Follow her link and immediately click the stop button so it doesn’t automatically redirect. I just did that and I was able to submit a help request.

  22. Can someone please reactive my account for the past month I. Am strugglinh everytime I try to reset password I am told. that I took long to activate the link! Ths is disturbing my goal for reaching certain amount of tweets this year! I neede help

  23. I’m an upcoming artist and I have a lot followers and I was trying to see how do I get verified..

  24. Morning. I acnt login to my twitter account for 3 days it says the request is understood but it has been refused please help me. Regards rose

  25. I can not access my account please help …….it has been for 3-4 Months!

  26. I fail to understand why is it so hard to be helped by twitter, it’s as if they don’t care about their customers

    Please people try improving your customer service

  27. I have forgotten my password haven’t linked my account with my cell and the email I used is inaccessible (which I had no idea of)

    Now I’ve been trying to access my account so I can change an email and the password as well but twitter haven’t helped me

    Please people try improving your customer service

  28. Note the date of the original post (Feb 2010) — sadly, the link is out of date as it appears that Twitter is no longer using zendesk for customer service, so zendesk is redirecting those clicks to, which, if it worked for what I need, would be fine. But they never anticipated the issue I need to bring to their attention, so now I am stuck looking for outside info on how else to contact them. sigh….

    On the off chance that someone at Twitter follows this blog, you really, really need to create an “other issue” option, that does not require the person reporting the issue to be logged in.

  29. I locked into my account and for some reason it isn’t my profile. It’s someone else profile. I can’t still see my profile but I’m on someone else’s.

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  31. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me or direct me to where I can get help. I was recently contacted by “Twitter Awards” saying I won something by being picked randommy by computer. The profile looks legit. I wish I could show you the pic. I need to find out if this is part of Twitter and if it’s legitimate. Can you give me an email or phone num for Twitter support? Thank you. Sincerely, Patricia B.

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