How Does Your Website Look on the iPhone and iPad?

As the iPhone and iPad (?) become ubiquitous, it is important to know how your website looks on these devices. If your site is fancy with Flash, it does not mean a thing if people cannot view it.

Mashable just posted an article about a tool called iPad peek which supposedly lets you preview your site through the eyes of the iPad, but it is inaccurate because it allows Flash. Further down in this article, Mashable gives instruction on how to dis-enable Flash in your browser so you can truly view your website through they eyes of the iPhone or iPad.

The reason this Mashable article caught my attention is because last week I was telling my friend about a company that I greatly admired and was trying to show her its website via my iPhone. Unfortunately, even the company’s basic description was not showing up because it was in Flash.  Here is the link to read the Mashable article iPad Peek: See How Your Website Looks on iPad.

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  1. Flash Support for iPhone (or lack thereof)…

    There are many reasons I have no desire to buy an iPad however the lack of Flash support would be at the very top of the list.  I love my iPhone but this is also the main complaint I have about it as well.  While  yes there are probably many great game…

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