What is this New Twitter?

What is this New Twitter? Watch the video from Twitter below. They started rolling it out last night, who will be next!

Sarah Wallace is a research analyst, blogger and podcaster. To learn more about her, click on the tabs above.



2 Responses

  1. I’m thinking it’s headed more toward something like paper.li (http://paper.li/CarlNatale). I like the way it displays photos and videos that get mentioned in my network.

    This is where it’s going. The next big thing is sites that take our social media feeds, prioritize the items and display them nicely. Twitter and Facebook need to take the next step to offer an option that does this instead of displaying content in a first-in-first-out stream.

    Do you think this is where the New York Times social news and Google Me are headed?

  2. I can’t speak for the Times or Google Me but I do think it will be interesting to see how users react to these new features and if they prefer “raw” Twitter over tools like TweetDeck.

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