Phone Number for Support at NameSecure

After tons of Googling and calling disconnected 1-800 numbers, I finally found a phone number that got me in touch with a real person at NameSecure. Obviously this post is for a narrow audience but if it saves someone time, then it has served its purpose.

The number to get a hold of a real person at NameSecure is (312) 453-0769

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How To Request a Username on Twitter

Does someone already have the Twitter name you would like to use? If you see that their profile has been inactive for more than 9 months, Twitter may release the username if you request it. Note that results may vary but here’s how you contact Twitter to make the request.

Email with the following information:

• The username you want
• Your existing username, if you have one
• Whether you want to change your username, or start a new account with the username you’re requesting

Good luck!

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How to get rid of “Who To Follow” on Twitter – UPDATE!

Udpate No. 2: Despite my efforts to get rid of the “Who To Follow” feature on Twitter, I have succumbed to the notion that it will just be there. Some have argued that they like this feature and find it helpful to connect with new people. In a way I agree, in other ways, I find that it is people I have nothing in common with and do not like it cluttering my Twitter column. If anything, I’d at least like the option to hide it. Anyways, I find Twitter’s two newest features (see my post Some new Twitter features I can get on board with) more appealing.

: After performing the steps below, my “Who To Follow” was gone from my Twitter account all day, even after logging back in several times. However, it showed up again today!

Another interesting fact, when I wanted to tweet my “How to get rid of Who To Follow” post for the second time yesterday,  Twitter kept saying “Technical Error.” I then tweeted the word “test” and it went through fine. I then tried to tweet my blog post again and it said “Technical Error.” It wasn’t until I changed the text of my tweet to say “How to get Who to Follow off of your sidebar” that it finally let the tweet go through. Perhaps just coincidental but interesting…


In case you want to get rid of the “Who To Follow” on Twitter, I found that clicking on “View All” then hitting the “x” button or “hide” on all of them makes them go away, even after I logged back onto Twitter.

Peace and happy weekend!

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Can you transfer Facebook fanpage administration?

The answer is now yes! Well kind of… the good news is that, even if you are the creator of a fanpage, you can now remove yourself as an administrator. So you can add someone else as an administrator and then remove yourself, thus “transferring.”

This is a big deal because if your business experiences staff changes, it is important to know who has access to your social media accounts. I have had clients who say they still have ex-employees attached to their fanpage or employees  have left and taken passwords with them rendering their social media sites useless.

Always make sure the appropriate people know your social media passwords and if you experience staff changes, change them for security reasons.

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How Does Your Website Look on the iPhone and iPad?

As the iPhone and iPad (?) become ubiquitous, it is important to know how your website looks on these devices. If your site is fancy with Flash, it does not mean a thing if people cannot view it.

Mashable just posted an article about a tool called iPad peek which supposedly lets you preview your site through the eyes of the iPad, but it is inaccurate because it allows Flash. Further down in this article, Mashable gives instruction on how to dis-enable Flash in your browser so you can truly view your website through they eyes of the iPhone or iPad.

The reason this Mashable article caught my attention is because last week I was telling my friend about a company that I greatly admired and was trying to show her its website via my iPhone. Unfortunately, even the company’s basic description was not showing up because it was in Flash.  Here is the link to read the Mashable article iPad Peek: See How Your Website Looks on iPad.

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SXSW: Was it Worth it? And, My Tips for First Timers

Upon returning from the SXSW festival, the question everyone is asking me is, “Was it worth it?” My initial response is “Yes”  and I will explain why, but keep in mind that my answer is skewed by the fact that my badge and accommodations were free.

So, I attended the SXSW Interactive portion of the SXSW festival. Otherwise known as ‘Nerdapalooza,’ the term is fitting in terms of its attendees and sessions. Though, many complain that the sessions are not as technical as they used to be, I enjoyed seeing some of the rockstars of the internet and marketing world such as Gary Vayernchuk, Peter Shankman and Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams. I also had a chance to meet Mashable founder Pete Chashmore, a very quiet, soft spoken guy who (apparently by the picture above) is very tall.

So, I experienced these rockstars at least once and watched them tell us that we need to get off of our asses, work our ‘”faces off,” be genuine, helpful, transparent, etc. In all honesty though, the two sessions I enjoyed most were with author Dan Roam,  (Back of the Napkin) and CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Roam spoke on the importance of using images to tell a story and Gupta spoke with his brother Suneel about their Kahani Movement in which they are documenting the stories of Indian immigrants to the U.S. in the 60s and 70s. I found both these sessions to be thought provoking and moving and well worth my time.

Along with these two particular sessions, I enjoyed all the conversations I had with fellow attendees. Whether it was on the plane, having a snack or waiting for a panel to start, all the attendees I met were friendly, interesting and good contacts to have.

My SXSW Tips

Okay, so I enjoyed my first trip to SXSW and based on my positive experiences above I think it was worth it. I will go again but I will keep the following in mind for next time:

Everything really IS within walking distance

Everyone tells you this and you take it with a grain of salt and book the closest hotel. But, the truth is, everything is very close to the conference.  If you can save $100 by staying a few blocks away then by all means…

Bring summer clothes

I was traveling from New England so I went from chilly to mid 80s. It’s hot so bring your sandals, short sleeve shirts and enjoy the sun!

Get to popular sessions early

I say this because the first two sessions I tried to go to, the doors were shut in my face. That’s right, beyond capacity and I was denied.

You can party hardy but be prepared to wait in line

There are many big parties in town hosted by big name sponsors but, in some cases you may have to wait in line to get in. VIP passes are an option but getting them may involve having the right connections.

Checkout some of the film happenings

My friend and I went up to the Paramount theater during some of the film premieres and had the chance to see actors like Ed Norton, John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill and Patrick Wilson in person. All good fun!

How did I get a free badge and accommodations?

Ah yes, well my badge was free but it did cost my time. I was a SXSW liaison meaning that I was a correspondent between panelists and SXSW organizers. I did this from January till the conference and it was all via email.
My accommodations were free because my good friend Amy lives 10 minutes outside of Austin. I did stay at the Hilton Austin Saturday night since there was a lot going on and my friend Amy and I wanted to be able to just crash. The cost was $285 for the night which we split.


Also, while at SXSW I attended a session with author Tim Sanders, who wrote Love Is the Killer App. After his session I went up and introduced myself. Since then, he and I have connected and we’ve been working on a national campaign together. A lot of people complain about SXSW having too many attendees, but hey, it’s what you make of it.

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Link to Contact Twitter for Technical Support


This blog post is not meant to inspire or motivate, only to save time.

I recently had technical problems with Twitter and for some reason it was hard for me to find the form to request technical support. I eventually had to use Google to find the link.

So, I’m posting the link in hopes of saving someone else the 10 minutes it took me to find it. Hope this helps!

Contact Twitter for technical support

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