My grandmother turns 98 today – UPDATE

UDATE: My grandmother passed away shortly after midnight. She lived a long, wonderful life of 98 years and was able to meet her four great grandchildren.

Back in the early 70s (when international adoption was by no means the norm) my grandmother (born in 1912) was not sure what to think when her daughter told her they were adopting a baby girl from another country.

But, when my parents took me out of the back seat of their 1974 Ford Pinto wagon, my grandmother took one look at me and said, “Oh Nancy, she’s beautiful!”  It was then that our bond began and it will last forever….

(Originally published June 13, 2010)

My grandmother turns 98 today. When she was born, household refrigerators did not exist yet and in a few months, Woodrow Wilson would have defeated William Taft. And, next year Ford would start to roll out his Model-T assembly line.

Think of all the changes my grandmother has seen in her near century of living… the Depression (the REAL standing-in-bread-lines depression), world wars and the dawn of radio, TV, computers, internet and mobile phones.

So, today when you are complaining about your internet being slow or your digital cable pixelating, do a self-check and ask yourself, in the scope of things, will this matter 70 years from now?

Peace, and may we all be happy and healthy!

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